Mary McPh

ail grown women deciding to quit the best job she has ever had as a Taxi call center She quit to follow her dream to go to the mermaid champion’chips in America.


time in a taxi call center, Mary McPhail felt like a fish out of water.

“It was really boring, really draining, because mermaiding is my passion,” she says So, after ditching the j

ob and getting her tail into gear, life’s a beach now for the Oakleigh 28-year-old.

“I had always wanted to be a mermaid ever since I was a little girl and saw the movie Splash!” she says. “I would make costume tails and pretend I was a mermaid, combing my hair and singing in front of my mirror.”

Now Mary – in the guise of Mermaid Aela – can be seen week in, week out mermaiding at bayside beaches – pier-sitting, rock-basking and dolphin swimming.

“People oft20121219-032311.jpgen say you’re too old for this, you’re too big, get away from your childhood fantasies and get over it.”

But Mary says they change their tune after seeing her swim like a dolphin on Facebook.

She says her dream was revived two years ago when she saw a US woman on the internet who made her own tails and swam mermaid-style. “I thought ‘I want to do that’. It reignited my imagination,” she says. “I made my own tail and started mermaiding.”

She finally took the plunge this summer and now has a six-tail selection, some for diving, some for swimming, others just for looks to laze around in.

More than that, she has an adult dream of making a living as a mermaid at corporate gigs, birthday parties, anything …

Mermaiding, Mary says, is a worldwide trend. She says it tones the mRAPE WHISTLEuscles and trims down the waistline.

“The greatest thing so far was being on the beach during the school holidays. As soon as I put my tail on, about 30 kids just ran up to me. They were amazed.”

And when the smaller kids ask if she’s a real mermaid? “I say ‘Yes, course I am’. Kids are great!” And the rest of the time?

“I just swim, sit on the rocks, just lounge around, enjoy myself. Annoy the seagulls.”

HER REALITY FREE WILLY CHANNEL  www.youtube.com/mermaidaela


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